Howdy Peeps.

This is a basic page that provides linkbacks to people who provided resources free of charge and would like some credit for their generosity. Please leave this page and the link to it intact so that others can benefit.
There are some cool and useful sites listed here.

The original Outline theme was made by DzinerStudio and it sorta came in handy.

The css-based drop menus are a modification of one by CSSMenuMaker.

The background for the Skyline variation was provided by Firefly Forest.

Heart icons for Outrageous came from MouseRunner.

Brushes for several of the theme variations came via courtesy of Axeraider70,
Buburu, Hawksmont, Horhew, IHEA, PixelMoon, Scully7491, and solenero73.

Important information.

Please note that if you are concerned about members using Internet Explorer 6 it is suggested that you leave all critical functions in the standard toolbar and only use the drop menus for accessories. Due to the css-based nature of these menus they will not display in obsolete browsers. However they will happily bypass script blockers and in a decent browser will be fully functional with javascript disabled.

Also note that due to the use of png transparencies the AzureSilk, Mircalla and Skyline options will not be suitable for IE6. If anyone wishes to use AzureSlk, Mircalla or Skyline it is their responsibility to ensure their browser is up to date. Support for IE6 is provided by the other eight options. Like many modern themes this theme does not support IE5. I hope you enjoy using this theme as much as I do, and thanks again to everyone who provided resources.