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Seems Ungrateful
Prabhassorn Sevikul

    Virtues are precious characteristics that uphold the human spirits, separate humans from beasts by making man “Sud prasert” or an enlighten beast, and one of the most important and esteemed virtue is gratefulness.

    In the olden days the debt for the kind act of even a plate of rice, or a glass of water would have to be remembered and honoured for a lifetime, so the debt to the motherland, and the land on which we are currently living and making a living on, is that much greater. Thais should be even more grateful to H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej for His benevolence and royal guidance which have enable Thais from all walks of lives to live in peace and harmony.

        No matter the country or religion, people are taught to be aware of the debt of the land on which they live, to repay that debt, and not cause problems. They are also encouraged to find ways to repay the land to the best of their abilities. But if they are unable to repay the debt as yet, not causing the land more trouble would be good enough.

    The chaotic scenes, the makeshift barricades, the buildings engulfed in flames, the death and injuries to the officials on duties, as well as the innocent victims, which are reported on the news these days, indicate an action by a group of people who are ungrateful to this land of their birth. They were intent on creating violence and destruction with utter disregard to the properties and lives of their fellow countrymen,
or the effect on the country, for the sole reason of pursuing their desired goals.

    It is not difficult to comprehend that the things which people like Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra want is to unleash the embitterment and resentment that is burning up inside him, as pay back on those he deems as his enemies, and do unto them what has been done to him. If the yellow-shirted People's Alliance for Democracy, PAD, were able to demonstrate to remove him from power, then the red-shirted National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship; UDD, could do the same to Mr. Abhisit. If the Yellow-shirts were able to occupy the Suvarnabhumi Airport, then the red-shirts can also occupy Rajaprasong area. If his assets were affected by the seizure of 46 Million Baht, then the country would loose as much if not more, by the demonstration and chaos. If he was forced to give up his Prime Ministership, then Mr. Abhisit, his political nemesis for a good length of time, would also be forced to give up his Prime Ministership in much less the same manner.

    And more importantly, if he had no country to live in anymore, then he would ensure that some other people would suffer the same fate.

    But what is not easily comprehendible is why such an educated person like Mr. Thaksin doesn’t stop and think for a minute that the land that he is currently hurting is the very land on which he was born, and a land that had given his ancestors, as well as his family and himself shelter. It is also the land on which Mr. Thaksin had accumulated hi honour, fame and wealth. If there were a mirror close enough to Mr. Thaksin, he would see that all the terrible things which has befallen him, politically and business wise, are all down to his own actions. If Mr. Thaksin had been honest and righteous, and had put the interests of the country and people at the forefront, his future would not be so bleak.

    Mr. Thaksin may be angry and embittered, and may blame that others he deems as his enemy and forcing him to live in exile today. But if Mr. Thaksin would reexamine closely, he would find that he is his own worse enemy and the worse wounds are the one he inflicts on himself. And he would get nothing by damaging Thailand, except for being branded ungrateful to his motherland and to H.M. the King.

    A person without virtue, without gratefulness, may no longer call himself a human or an enlighten beast.       

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