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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: Kenya  (อ่าน 1825 ครั้ง)
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Ora B.
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Ora B. Apr. 19, 2008


Most of the people know,
When mentioned "Kenya",
A name of a country,
Lacated in the "East Africa".

Palaeontologists discovered,
Fossils prehistoric animals,
Dating from the Mesozoic Era,
Over two million years and more.


The name that caught my eye,
Nothing about history,
But something else inside,
A person personality.

Amazingly charm,
Alarm me to come closer,
At this point is sure enough,
Urge me to be a composer.

Playing a song of life,
Satisfy my own feelings,
Experience the comfortable,
A love song that I sing.


Fighting within my soul,
Control the weakened,
Afraid you will disappear,
And fear the unexplained.

Imagining 'our world',
Prefer to know more,
Proud of his spirit,
My heart is opening for.

Expect the unexpected,
Endearment affection afar,
Too late to hold back,
The fact of loving Kenya.

--- ~~~ PSmheart.gif ~~~ ---

God is Love!
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