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I was sitting for about half an hour in front of the screen wondering what to say. I used to have a little anxiety, but something made it worse.It's been a steady build up to this point. Moments where i'd completely forget who I was, have to say what I'm thinking aloud so I wouldn't lose them in the fuzzy dream that was my life. Confused as to why people weren't singing after I'd been listening to music and missing someone who had died in a book I read.It came to a point the other day when I had a full-on attack. It felt like my thoughts were being erased and I was quickly going crazy. I only realised then that I'd been living on borrowed thoughts and ideas. I was so terrified, I couldn't move, I'd forgotten how to walk. My thoughts were being stolen and I was convinced that I was dissolving, dying. All I could think was 'I need my mind' over and over until it, like me, became meaningless. Sorry to pull the dramatic card on my first day, but I've never been able to talk about this before. With anyone. Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum.

You can say whatever you want as long as it does not offend anyone.
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